The VTC, ideal for enjoying VIP transport in Marseille

Vous souhaitez vivre une expérience de transfert agréable? Misez sur la location d’un VTC. Cette option propose de nombreux avantages qui vous feront profiter pleinement de vos déplacements à Marseille. Excellium Limousine met à votre service des véhicules de luxe bien entretenus et des chauffeurs qualifiés.

The Marseille VTC offered by Excellium Limousine is the ideal solution for any VIP, business man, showbiz, cinema or sports personalities … Indeed, whether by taste for luxury or image, it is sometimes necessary to opt for a luxurious means of transport for a Marseille airport transfer or other.

Your comfortable vehicle with private driver will meet your expectations and requirements. You can therefore get from point A to point B quickly thanks to the expertise of our drivers regarding the best routes to take.

Marseille VIP transport for a stay in the PACA region

The other advantage of the VTC Marseille is that you can book your VTC for the entire duration of your stay in the PACA region. Let’s imagine that you have to go to the Cannes festival but that the next day we are waiting for you on a yacht in Saint-Tropez, and your private driver will always be at your disposal to satisfy your requests for VIP transport in Marseille.

He will know how to protect your privacy by avoiding paparazzi or journalists, not to mention our luxury vehicles which are equipped with ultra-tinted windows so that you can go unnoticed.

Limousine rental Marseille with Excellium Limousine

There are many VTC rental agencies in Marseille but few are able to offer you VIP transport solutions. It is obvious that if you enjoy a certain celebrity, the love of luxury and the image are parameters to consider when traveling.

With Excellium Limousine, you are guaranteed to have a Marseille limousine rental which allows you to meet perfectly your expectations. Then, you will be able to travel to events throughout the PACA region without worrying about logistics.

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